Trailer Crane AHK 36

The first trailer crane with personal safety mode

The AHK 36 is the most powerful trailer crane of its class. Thanks to its sophisticated boom this crane reaches heights up to 36 m without any problems. Having a vehicle weight of only 3.5 t, this machine lifts loads up to 2.4 t. The ultra-modern Böcker mast technology provides the basis for these surpassing performance data. This Böcker technology combines classical aluminium components with a new high-strength steel which is lightweight and string at the same time. Therefore, the AHK 36 clearly outperforms all other comparable cranes.

The version of the AHK 36 equipped with a petrol engine will work even quieter in future, with improved insulation reducing noise emissions by seven decibels compared to the predecessor model. Another key innovation is the personal safety mode. This new operating mode now allows the trailer crane to be used as a fall protection for workers operating at heights, such as those performing roof repairs. A safety device is suspended from the hook on the crane and connects the worker to the crane over a cable within a specific action radius. This new personal safety mode will also be available for other crane models in future.

The AHK 36 is mounted on a tandem chassis ensuring a safe driving behaviour and an optimal distribution of floor load. 

Beside its strong performance the AHK 36 clearly stands out by its enormous versatility. The Multiflex supports can be set up in 256 different positions and auto-leveling and therefore guarantee maximum utilisation of the available space on site. The stabalizers are swivelling as well as foldable and therefore ensure an optimal positioning of the machine in the direction of the load. Furthermore they can be swivelled areound as well as folded beyond any barriers without any problem. At the same time it is possible to balance out height differences up to 50 cm without the need of an additional sub-structure. No other support system in the field of trailer cranes provides comparable opportunities.

The new Multiflex supports are combined with the Böcker EHSC control. This high-performance control in 32-bit technology enables an exact processing of any control command. Being equiped with the latest CAN-bus technology as well as two independent safety controls, the AHK 36 provides maximum safety. This concept is certified by the German technical inspection authority DEKRA. 


Performance data
Payload max. (kg)1,500 (opt. 2,400)
Extension length max.(m)34.00 (opt. 36.00)
Mechanic extension length (m)22.70
Jib extendible (m)4.86 / 7.96 / 11.06 (opt. 13.06)
Jib payload2,400/ 1,500/ 800 / 500 / (250)
Main boom angle approx. (degrees)85
Swivel range (degrees)endless 
Jib angle approx. (degrees)0 until 162
Lifting speed approx. (degrees)50
Support area L x W max. (m)3.78 x 6.62
Support area L x W to one side (m)7.72 x 4.32
Vehicle dimensions
Height (m)2.83
Width (m)2.30
Length (m)9.20 
Pulling deviceSwivel drawbar
Range crane operation (m)
250 kg23.10
500 kg16.60
800 kg12.90
1,000 kg10.00
1,500 kg7.50 
2,400 kg5.40
Range platform operation (m)
250 kg15.80
100 kg 18.80
Working height platform operation (m)28.50
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Extremely durable boom profile

  • Latest steel/aluminium hybrid boom technology
  • Precise work due to a high strength and torsion stiffness of the profiles
  • Unique longevity and value stability due to close masts
  • No perforation of the mast at the traction and compression chord ensures a high level of stability
  • No welding seams in accessible places assure extremely low maintenance costs
  • A closed profile prevents foreign bodies from entering
  • Over 25 years of experience in building aluminium cranes

Precise telescoping under load

  • Sensitive telescoping even with high loads due to a sophisticated control and mast system
  • Smooth telescoping even in flat mast position is always possible
  • Use of flyer chains and hydraulic cylinder ensures low maintenance costs   
  • Maximum flexibility and safety for all jobs to be done

Uncompromising longevity

  • Reliable components from well-known manufacturers with a worldwide service
  • Proven continuous stress test for all telescopic and support cylinders
  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil with an extreme longevity and minimum maintenance costs
  • Unique warranty up to 10 years for all masts and up to 5 years for the complete device
  • High value stability and investment reliability

Precise radio control

  • Radio-remote control with integrated graphic display made by one of the world's leading manufacturer (HBC radiometic)
  • Simple and clear presentation of the operating situation with pictograms for an intuitive and safe handling
  • Sophisticated control offers operation suggestions, e.g. when reaching the limit stop or the maximum range during the set-up if the crane
  • Indication of fuel status and service intervals on the display in due time
  • Standard diagnose function on the display of the radio-remote control
  • Efficient operation due to a simultaneous control of several core functions without annoying switching

PLC control for maximum safety

  • Ultra-modern control ensures a sensitive and precise work with low vibrations
  • Automatic approval of the maximum working range depending on the position of supports and attached load guarantees safe working
  • Additional limitation of rotation angle for limiting the area of work e.g. operations close to high voltage lines
  • Choose between slow and quick movement depending on working situation
  • Redundant safety concept - two separate safety circuits continuously monitor each other thus guaranteeing maximum working safety

Powerful drive unit

  • Choose between Honda petrol engine or Yanmar diesel engine (each 15.5 kW)
  • Lifting of the maximum load is always possible thanks to optimum performance
  • Operation of several crane functions at the same time ensures effective work
  • Low consumption at constantly high power reserves in any operational situation
  • Low emission of sounds thanks to modern engine technology
  • Easy access to all components ensures easy maintenance and low operation costs

Powerful drive

  • Ideal weight distribution e.g. in lawn, paving stones, etc. thanks to a tandem axle
  • Low wear of tyres thanks to the proven gearwheel drive technology
  • Thanks to powerful hydraulic engines slopes of up to 25% can be overcome without problems
  • No overloading of the axles and the jockey wheels even under unfavourable conditions at the construction site and narrow travel motions
  • Sensitive steering of the manoeuvring drive with operating lever or radio-remote control

Stable outrigger system

  • Swivel outriggers made of grained-steel for maximum stability and safe standing position
  • Solid hydraulic cylinder for a smooth height levelling, great jack lift, sufficient ground clearance
  • Operations in a hillside location are always possible
  • Solid and low-maintenance swivel mechanism guarantees low service costs
  • Rigger mats are safely stowed on the crane and easily accessible at any time
  • Robust LED-flash lights are safely integrated in the outriggers for easing the protection of the site of operation

Fully variable outriggers

  • Fully independent adjustment of each crane support ensures a flexible installation
  • Slewing radius operations at roadside with moving traffic are possible
  • Compensation of floor unevenness of up to 50 cm is possible without substructure
  • Working on extremely confined construction sites and obstacles possible
  • Maximum stability regardless of the weather due to consistent safety concept
  • Automatic levelling function guarantees a fast and safe set-up of the crane by using the radio-remote control

Future-proof and environmentally friendly

  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil with extreme durability and lowest water hazard class
  • Modern truck engine technology with maximum combustion efficiency guarantees optimum performance at reduced fuel and oil consumption as well as excellent emission values
  • High efficient cooling fans generate a low noise level due to a higher air passage
  • The motors of the Böcker trailer cranes comply with the world's strongest emission regulations 

User-friendly even in the limit range

  • The load cannot get stuck in any position thanks to the modern PLC control technology
  • Smooth starting in any working situation ensures maximum operation comfort
  • Precise control of the crane under any operational circumstances facilitates the operation
  • Retractable jib with rated capacity limiting system monitored by sensors, therefore no annoying plugging of helix cables required
  • Powerful slew ring prevents the entire bodywork from turning even with high wind load and maximum working ranges
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